HE IS LIKE ME is an organization with the burden of reaching to people with the Good News of Jesus Christ through:

- Evangelism,
- Promoting spiritual healing through Christian counseling service,
- Discipleship: children mainly and adult
- Unity and reconciliation programs,
- Transformational Development among communities

To be a light of the world by being a good example in making Christlike disciples.

He Is Like Me engages to do the will of God in making Christlike disciples who make other disciples and promoting holistic transformation in destitute areas and all over the world.

1. We are Christian
2. We are Biblical
3. We are Missional

Pr. Safari AKILI

The founder of HE IS LIKE ME & Senior Pastor of Light of the World Evangelical Church is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a servant of God called by God to serve. He is married to Amida Sarah and together they have four children.

Amida Sarah

The co-founder of HE IS LIKE ME is a disciple of Jesus Christ. She is married to Pr Safari AKILI and together they have four children.

Pr. Manasse

The Deputy overseer of HE IS LIKE ME. Pastor Manasse is married to Esperance Niyongabire and blessed with two children.