It is commonly noticed that most of the ministries are town based and city oriented, not because of lack of resources but of lack of passion of these special groups of people such as pygmies, refugees etc.

He Is Like Me through the LWEC does what we call compassionate evangelism. The Good News must be accompanied with meeting the physical needs of the people (James ). We understand that the Gospel is enough by itself to make Jesus Christ known. By meeting some of people’s needs, we make Jesus Christ look Great as we share His love to them.

Reaching Pygmies in the Bush

Pygmies group are the unreached people living in the bush, forest, hills in DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda. They still live by hunting and pottery.

God wants someone somewhere with a mind of God, full of Holy Spirit to stand and go deep inside where these people are.
We have the call to go deep and deep to those people to:
Preach to them, Encourage them and Meet their physical needs when possible.


Ministry to Refugees

He is Like Me through LWEC is ministering to refugees in Uganda Refugee Settlements as well as urban refugees from different nations surrounding Uganda.

We have been active in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement for some 6 years. These people, beside the asylum, they have other needs including spiritual ones.

In the refugee settlements we have planted churches, we have a Bible training center to equip and build capacity of church leaders as well as an orphanage because some children were separated from their biological parents or they passed on.