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Reaching the unreached

We aim at reaching every person wherever he is but mostly the underprivileged people or groups, whom are referred to as the unreached. The unreached groups are poor people, street children, people in the slums, pygmies, raped women, just to mention a few.


Pygmies who live in the bush, forests, hills in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda are mostly underpriviled and unreached people in our societies. The Spirit of God is asking who will go to show them the way? who will go share with them the love of God? for they too were created in the image of God and they can become children of God. So, God is looking for this person who can go to this group people. As it was asked in the time of Isaie (Isaie 6:8): "Whom wil I send? Who will go for us?" Please contact us if you want to be sent or to send some one.

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